Animadversion: Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol–Reviewed by Kamran Jawaid and Farheen Jawaid

This post is the unedited version of the review published in our column “Animadversion”, iMAGES on Sunday (Dawn Newspaper), on Sunday January 1st 2012. The link to paper-published edit is at the end of this post.


Your Mission, For the Fourth-time…Should You Choose to Accept?

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid

Believe you me: the Burj Al-Khaleefa scene will knock your socks off! I am not exaggerating, I am telling.

It goes down like this: Ethan Hunt – Tom Cruise, believable, sincere and aptly wearing beaten down look – has to disable the security system at the Burj, and to do this he has to scale the world’s tallest building. From the outside. With a set of malfunctioning adhesive gloves. And so, the vertigo inducing high-concept sequence, perhaps the key element of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’s marketing campaign, becomes a dizzying pulse-throbbing adventure by itself.

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