Dawn | The Life and Times of Video…for It Lived Well, till It Died


By Kamran Jawaid  |  The feature was published in Dawn’s Karachi Notebook in the Metropolitan section, on 11th December 2016. That copy be read here.

Back in the 80’s, which is vaguely vivid in memory, one used to undergo a gush of adrenaline-rush when going out to rent movies.

These were simpler times, when people weren’t in a constant state of media overkill and movies still had a measure of fanciful allure to them – despite the level of intellectual and aesthetic merit.

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Pakistani Cinemas: Burning in Flames! – Exclusive for Dawn Online

The feature in this post is the unedited copy of the article that ran on Dawn.com at 25th September 2012. It reads a little different I thought it was meant to run as an op/feature, rather than a news story. My bad. Published copy is featured at the end of the post with Dawn’s link.


Forget Rationale Some Men Just Want to See the World Burn!

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid

As one side of free-speech backing world gauges Muslims for their xenophobia against an imprudent parody designed to bait incense, we give them another reason to doubt our rationality. Our present to a generation now migrated to high-speed internet, media and geo-tagging: the destruction of cheap cinematic entertainment.

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