About MKJ

Kamran Jawaid – A Brief History of Me


Kamran Jawaid is the CEO/President of Kamran Jawaid Productions – KJP – a motion picture development and consultation house. However, Mr. Jawaid’s popularity is better judged by his works as a film critic.

Credited as Mohammad Kamran Jawaid (or MKJ), he is the senior film critic for iMAGES magazine (now Images on Sunday) for the English daily Newspaper DAWN Group of Newspapers. Mr. Jawaid started out with InStep in 2003 with the review of ‘Bruce Almighty‘ and after a handful of reviews and articles, shifted to iMAGES with the review of ‘The Fighting Temptations‘. From December 2010, Mr. Jawaid joined Dawn.com (Dawn Media Group) as their regular film critic.

Since 2006, Mr. Jawaid has a dedicated column by the title of Animadversion, which once hosted a Second Opinion by sister and fellow film critic Farheen Jawaid (the column has since relegated to singular reviews to accommodate more reviews per issue).

Mr. and Ms. Jawaid are also the first to start a yearly Oscar Prediction feature for iMAGES – which to this day is still the only Oscar Prediction to come out of Pakistan.

With over 400 publications till date (some available through this blog), Mr. Jawaid is one of the few film critics of Pakistan whose written works addresses the aesthetics and technicalities of the movies, rather than listing the film’s synopsis – a regular practice of seasonal film reviewers of Pakistan.

Mr. Jawaid appeared as a Media Analyst and Film Critic in Bakhabar Savera (loosely translated: Informed Mornings), an early morning show from ARY OneWorld (now relabeled as ARY News), hosted by Sana Tariq and Produced by Syed Kashif Abidi.

Mr. Jawaid co-hosted Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in his dedicated segment Khabar Bakhabar (literary translated: News-Informed) between February – August 2009, in over 70 shows (a few episodes can be found online here).

In mid 2010, Mr. Jawaid launched Kamran Jawaid Productions (KJP), a one-stop media solution boutique that develops and produces motion pictures, television, new media projects. The company also handles syndication and visual effect services as well as film financing services.

Within a few months of its set-up, KJP had set-up over 18 high profile partnerships worldwide. The company’s key alliances are with Del Mar Entertainment (USA), Atchity Productions (USA), USA Independent Film Fund (USA), Media Mi (USA), Timeline Productions (Pakistan), B Inc (Japan), One World Films (U.A.E) and Athvida Creative Studios (India).

The winged Avatar above is Mr. Jawaid on Twitter, Orkut, Facebook and Myspace. His real self seldom looks like his perpetually fixed cartoon display picture.


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