Oscar Buff’s Guide to the Best Picture Nominees – 2013

This article is about to be printed in Images on Sunday today.


Viewers Guide to the Best Picture Contenders

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid & Farheen Jawaid

Amour, Emmanulle Riva

Amour: In their eighties, George and Anne, once music teachers, live a lonely retired life, when one day Anne suffers a stroke. Their bond of love is tested as Anne slowly, and inevitably, dies.

Our Take: Heavy, emotional and (aesthetically and technically) minimalistic.

Argo: A CIA undercover operation, disguised as fake Hollywood producers infiltrate Iran with a plan to discreetly whisk away six American diplomats in hiding.

Our Take: Brilliantly directed and written thriller of what really happened – with spiced-up intervals. If you know Hollywood and history, you’ll appreciate it more.

Beasts of the Southern Wild: Her father near death, her bayou community flooded by melting ice-caps, which also releases ancient aurochs, six year old Hushpuppy finds courage within the realities of life.

Our Take: Exceptionally photographed on 16mm negative. Often Lifeless.

Beasts of the Southern Wild (1)

Django Unchained: A slave, set free by a German bounty hunter, tracks down his wife with plans to free her from the servitude of a vicious plantation owner.

Our Take: Quentin Tarantino…’nuff said.

Les Miserables: A former crook, breaks parole and begins a new life of righteousness in 19th century France, raising a factory worker’s daughter as his own. However, he is forever hunted by a vindictive policeman, to whom he is still a convict. Victor Hugo’s novel, adapted from the musical stage play.

Our Take: Superficial, heartless adaptation that’s tough on its actors (who give brilliant singing performances).

Life of Pi: An optimistic Hindu boy, lost at sea. His lone companion: an untamable Bengal Tiger called Richard Parker. A story of Life, survival and maturity, in the worst circumstances imaginable.

Our Take: A palette that will stupefy. A (CGI) tiger that will terrify. A journey that will make you say, um, ok.


Lincoln: As the civil war slowly moves towards its end, American President Abraham Lincoln faces a challenge to move and pass the 13th Amendment – which would abolish slavery – before a severely divided house.

Our Take: Steven Spielberg. Tony Kushner. Daniel Day-Lewis. THE American President. THE most intelligent film of the year.

Silver Linings Playbook: Unlikely love story of peculiar people, and a dance competition. Grounded at his parents after a stint in a mental institute, Pat, a former teacher separated from his wife, meets Tiffany, a mysterious young widow.

Our Take: Dysfunctional relationships, so Oscar nods, certain. Best Pic nom. Not really.

Zero Dark Thirty: Osama Bin Laden is tracked down and killed, thanks to the dogged pursuit of a long shot lead by a female CIA operative.

Out Take: Lackluster. Shallow. Inconsequential (as far as filmmaking goes).


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