Movie Review: Jism 2 by Kamran Jawaid for Dawn Online

This post is the unedited, updated copy of the review published 10th August 2012 at The link to is at the end of the post.


A Porn Star. Her Emotional Conflict. And a Terrorist Playing Cello for Dramatic Effect.

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid

  Skimpy outfits. Salacious content. Bad Acting. Worse Filmmaking. That’s Jism 2 for you folks.

If you’re casting an adult movie star with earnest intents to “break her mold”, and spark an alternate career path, then a word of advice Mr. Mahesh Bhatt: Don’t announce her as a “porn star” and then parade her as a floozie.

In the first few minutes of the new Bollywood movie Jism 2, there’s a skin-deep conversation between a cop and a self-proclaimed adult film star (with manufactured curves, of course). He says “Isn’t it time you served your country”. She responds (after a short promiscuous strut) “I do…by taking off my clothes”.

Jism 2, which runs on risible dialogues, a hysterically stodgy plot, arthritic performance, hefty-billing at Victoria’s Secrets and the need-to-cash-in sex-sationalism, is a would-be – actually, make that definite – contender for late night B-grade raunchy-thrillers. The ones that routinely run on specially subscribed channels on international cable.

With a release date smack right in the middle of Ramadan, it looks like the marketing department made a booboo. A cleverer tactic, centering on cashing-in Canadian-Indo adult film star and former reality show contestant, Sunny Leone would have placed the movie in a season that doesn’t limits its audience turnout; and this is besides the obligatory agitated effigy burning the film had coming.

Sunny Leone is Izna, who tells us that she’s an adult film actress living a demoralized, dispirited life of wooing rich men for one-night stands (Leone’s voice, clearly dubbed, and her body-language give out mixed signals here). She is recruited – unimaginatively after another of her one-night stands – by Ayaan (Arunoday Singh), an intelligence office who wants to bait Izna’s ex-boyfriend, Kabir (Randeep Hooda) a cop-gone-assassin, into a honey trap. Obviously, she’s the only one who can hook, and then hoodwink, Kabir into giving up a secreted file that name his oh-so-dangerous accomplices. Ah! – the limitless imagination of Mr. Bhatt.

The screenplay, a byproduct of a weekend’s first draft for director Pooja Bhatt, is a testament of Bhatt’s sleaziness; it is designed with only one cruel intention: to optimally expose Leone’s curves and nothing else. Leone is inarticulate, not only in acting, but in basic physical movement. Sitting or standing, her stance (owed to Pooja Bhatt’s stifling direction) has an inbred “pornish” quality.

With so much space allotted to the film’s always lingering sex-drive, the grave, and sometimes too sincere turns, by both Hooda and Singh come out as faux salad-dressing. But then again, they didn’t count in the first place.

Despite her current sky-rocketing fame in Bollywood, a word of advice to Ms. Leone: Don’t lose your day job.

Released by Clockwork Films Private Limited and Fish Eye Network. Jism 2, apart from dumb-eroticism, features a miserable soundtrack by Arko Pravo Mukherjee and Mithoon with playback by KK, Sonu Kakkar, Rushk, KK,Shreya Ghoshal, Unoosha and Ali Azmat – one of which has Hooda bearing his soul on a solo Cello piece; Hey, even terrorists have a hobbies…right!?

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