MKJ & ST on BKS: Lollywood, Bollywood, Bruits and Mukhtara Mai Adaptations

I really don’t get it. I really don’t. Especially when people who once sounded sane appear on the idiot box sounding more idiot than cliched storylines from daily Indian soaps. Case in point: Sonu Nigaam (no the extra ‘a’ is not a spelling mistake), someone who I’ve admired since his betime days in Sa Re Ga Ma – a long running musically inclined talent show.

Sonu Nigaam
Sonu Nigaam

 Mr. Nigam who always talked about promoting talent, whether Indian or international seemed less likely to produce this nasty soundbyte. Yet he did. I guess people change. Although the core idea of his statement may be true, he might have to agree that he did infact sing for us too. Personally speaking, I’m not in the least bit mood for a whapping match, and I personally don’t see the need to go nasty. But then again, that is something both Sana Tariq and I do three days a week on Bakhabar Savera.

Imran Abbas
Imran Abbas

Like, when we talked about the rumor mill going kooky on Imran Abbas being cast in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s now dead “Heera Mandi” project. SLB’s attitude was free from ambiguity and unprocessed. I must talk with Imran about this when we meet (the guy is pretty elusive these days with his constant shoots).

On another note, I really am looking forward to seeing ‘Gulnar’, the Indo-Pak venture immixing the talents of Gajendra Singh – the director of Sa Re Ga Ma, Voice of India and Antakshari – and Hasina Moin, the multifarious Pakistani writer. It is with unfeigned hope that ‘Gulnar’ does not unfold into a platitudinal upshot.

Then, the people of ARY Network and Jay Roach are making a movie on Mukhtara Mai. Ok. I could very well hammer out a thousand word analysis on this subject alone, and why I think this subject should not be exploited AT ALL! But then again, this project isn’t going to be major player in the revival of Pakistani Cinema. It will be a festival piece, aimed to raise an issue and create awareness. I guess when commercial cinema fails, all we have left are festival films to contend with. Yay Kara.

Ours was a pretty confined – or rather a very “safe” – performance today, when we skimmed over these topics. I had a lot of questions to answer, but our time today was short, so we ended up not asking the right questions. Then again, it is my belief that pertinent questions find a way to manifest themselves.


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