MKJ & ST on BKS: Diverse, Yet, Looped Conversations

Spectacular as it may have been on the telly our polar-opposite partiality on Ramchand Pakistani is something peopled looked forward to. Or so I’m told, constantly. Heck, by the look on Kashif Abidi (the senior producer of Bakhabar Savera) today, it might have been the best show we put together.

Ramchand Pakistani
Ramchand Pakistani

While I don’t condemn the movie – how can I, it was decently made – the movie was too aware of what it was going to be beforehand. And once that happens, then that movie is damned to be become something lesser than what it wanted to be in the first place. Ramchand’s avid technicality – Mehreen choreographed her camera (the filmic cinematography was by Sofian Khan) and the scenes and edited them like a pro. Her production design was spot-on. Every characters came with a pertinent back-story. Her subject about cross-border friction and discrimination maneuvered away from blatant emotional plays and the material is grounded in what can only be described as a ‘realistic portrayal’ of real-life circumstances.

Yet there was very little drama to keep an average viewer glued to their seats. Too little emotional attachment to the characters. And too predictable to be enjoyable. Ramchand has a label of showcasing a filmmaker of potential. Sadly that is the only thing it is good at. That and the score by Debajyoti Mishra. I also have an issue with the budget of the movie. $600,000 is a huge price for a Festival Movie.

Looking Forward to Spider-Man
Looking Forward to Spider-Man


On another note I really am looking forward to the upcoming Spider-Man musical. I like Julie Taymor and that is reason enough to buy a ticket. I already reviewed Valkyrie for iMAGES, so no need to waste digital ink here.


5 thoughts on “MKJ & ST on BKS: Diverse, Yet, Looped Conversations”

  1. hey, good show. have read ur Valkyrie piece on images once. i thought that ur talk on the film was lacking a little. something on ur mind bro?

  2. fun seeing the spidey bit. i can’t believe u guys got away with playing the whole title of spider-man cartoon from the 6ties. :O

  3. dekho bhai, mainay ramchand dekhi to nahi, magar from its trailer ye ek sahi film lag rahi thi…shayad trailer deceiving ho. magar $600,000 kafi bada amount hota hai. itnay mein to 6 filmain banjaeingi.

  4. I saw ramchand at the cinemas and i thought it was overly long but good. we have to encourage film-makers to make good films.

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