Mired by Context

Holy crap. I haven’t done anything in the last 6 months. Not that I’m regretful or anything. Just a tad — what’s the word — wistful.


wistful...but just a tad
wistful...but just a tad

I assume a majority of everyone who’s reading this entry has known that my mother has been seriously ill since October 2007 (she’s suffering from a relapse of Tuberculosis – which she had ten years back – and acute kidney failure, embedded with other nasty inclement I’d rather not go into now). It’ll take her about 6-8 months to fully recover, so getting her back on her feet is a priority.

Like every noxious malady’s patrimonial gift, my mother’s illness produced its greatest side-effect by blurring away most of my work schedule. Major casualties being my oft contributions for iMAGES, my Karachi based film-making projects and my US based film developments (perhaps the ones greatest affected). Slightly maimed were my web-based shangians (Friendster, Myspace, Filmmaker-Space, Flixster, Orkut, WordPress, Vox, Blogger). But then again, I don’t visit most of them that much to begin with.

Another project plashed with bad-luck is Babar Buccha’s URL – The Underground Racing League, which I’m directing with Zaid-ul-Aziz.

Again, I’m not regretful. Most probably because I believe that there is a time set for everything. And it just wasn’t the right time to move ahead on most of these things. And I did get a chance to reflect on most things, which was a good thing actually, because I found out that I’d been emotionally stuck to several redundant (at least to me) plot-themes for the past year or so. I also believe that once you loose (or decide to let go of) something good, its well-grounded bigger brother finds it’s way to you.

What are these things? More details on a later date. Suffice to say, that I’ll be shooting something come may. Wish me luck.

Edit: May came and went, and I didn’t shoot anything 😦


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