MAG Review: Mah-e-Mir by Kamran Jawaid

This post is the unedited and updated copy of the review published in Mag the Weekly, on the 13th May, 2016.

In ‘Mah-e-Mir’, Apparently, Failure to Communicate Is an Option

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid

Stars - 1b

There is a horrifically big, fantasy full-moon out every night in Mah-e-Mir, the pompous, all-over-the-place, drama fit for a stage-play.

The moon is so big, (and so badly composited over clouds), that it defies convention, comprehension – and lest I forget, laws of gravity and direction. This moon, popping up, down, left and right, is its own entity, and no matter how overly-dramatic, it is one of the good things I got for the price of my ticket.

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MAG Review: Captain America: Civil War by Kamran Jawaid

This post is the unedited copy of the review published in MAG-The Weekly on 13th May, 2016.


To Fight the Good Fight – for Peace, Justice and a Differing Point of View

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid


In Captain America: Civil War, a line-up of do-gooder heroes, most of whom are thoroughly introduced movies ago, face off against each other because of a difference of opinion. Anyone who believes that issues can be handled without conflict and a body-count (mostly bruises here, because these heroes are, of course good guys), has to be kidding. Peaceful negotiation is a job for the United Nations – a body that would, generally, take a long-time, to come to come to a point of mutual understanding.

Such balderdash, thankfully, doesn’t bother movie-dom – unless, of course, when it makes sense.

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MAG Review: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice by Kamran Jawaid

This post is the unedited copy of the review published in Mag the Weekly on 1st April 2016.

Damn the Kaboom! Titans Clash…Without Much Sense.

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid


At the pivotal, poster-image of the ‘technically’ first cinematic meeting of Superman and Batman, found at the center point of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, (the part where Batman tries to run Superman over with his Batmobile), the dark knight asks a necessitous question: Does the man of steel bleed? A far more pertinent remark, at least to the viewer, would have been: Do you know your comic book history?

Bummer, if you don’t.

In a market – television, film, the internet – so needlessly overflowing with superhero fatigue, Batman V Superman (BvS) is ‘only’ the second title of the new ‘DC Cinematic Universe’ (the first one was the Man of Steel) – a place, at least movie-wise, where Superman, Batman, and in this movie, Wonder Woman, come out of play. Their playground, about as publically hazardous as Marvel’s, is still nascent and juvenile, tackling serious-sounding themes and faux brood (borrowed straight from Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy) with unskilled subtleness comparable to violently swinging a sledgehammer in a china shop.

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MAG Review: Bachaana by Kamran Jawaid

The post is the unedited copy of the review published in MAG the Weekly, on: March 05, 2016 (Page 24). Print copy attached.


‘Bachaana’ Needs No Saving

Stars - Mag 3.5

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid

I suppose small, uncomplicated stories are in at the moment. While they may not work for most motion pictures, the lack of too much detail, suit Bachaana, the debut of director Nasir Khan, starring Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza, just fine.

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MAG Preview: Bachaana and Actor in Law

This post is the unedited copy of the Movie Preview, featured in MAG the Weekly (January 26, 2016). Published copy, below.

Bachaana and Actor In Law – Adding Bollywood (and Bollywood-ism) to the Mix

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid

As the list of motion pictures continue to grow, regardless of definitive details like release dates, distribution and media partnerships, we, the audience find ourselves in a state of perplexed satisfaction – perplexed, because we are hearing of a number of movies (perhaps too many to count) in various stages of sundry development and shooting; we are satisfied because, finally, there’s diversity in content made specifically for the big screen.

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Oscar Predictions 2016 – Images on Sunday, Dawn Newspaper

This post is the unedited copy of our Predictions of the 88th Oscars for Dawn/Images on Sunday, published 28th February 2016. Link to Dawn is here and below.


Who May Win the 88th Oscars Tomorrow

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid and Farheen Jawaid

Before the righteous, controversial and ill-timed #OscarsSoWhite hashtag rears its head at the 88th Academy Awards tomorrow and wrecks the mood of Oscar ceremony, Images takes its annual look at who may win – and more importantly, just why they may win – in which category.

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Interview: Adnan Malik by Kamran Jawaid

The following interview was published in Mag the Weekly, 5th September 2015


Adnan Malik Interview: Construing the Undefined

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid

I first met Adnan Malik sometime in the mid 2000’s at Nucleus. He had recently moved back to Pakistan, and was finishing work on a documentary, while I was looking for a lead actor to star in a project of mine. There was an instant camaraderie of sorts between us – like me, Adnan was familiar with the work sensibility of a very different industry. Working here was, for lack of a better word, new.

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Movie Review: Karachi Se Lahore by Kamran Jawaid

This blog post is the unedited version of the review published in Mag – The Weekly, 22nd August 2015.

KarachiSeLahore-BlogOne Long Road Trip, and a Lot of Ice Cream Cones

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid

In Karachi Se Lahore, touted by the producers as Pakistan’s “first” road trip movie (there are going to be a lot of “firsts” for the next few years), Shehzad Sheikh plays Zaheem, our leading man who puts a unique spin on any hero headlining a movie: he’s a spineless, awkward, laid-back mess, with long-term life goals and a forty thousand salary at a reputed bank (cue in, the movie’s first product placement).

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Movie Review: Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation by Kamran Jawaid

A version of the following review is published in MAG – The Weekly, on 28th of August 2015.


Woes of (Wonderful) Cliche — and of the Adrenaline-Junkie, Super-Spy Hero

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid

When, at the beginning of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) suddenly pops up, dashes towards, and then perilously grapples a flying cargo plane, one wonders, “has it really been nineteen years since Cruise did the original Mission: Impossible that flagged his status as an action star?!”

Cruise, now fifty four, may not look the best without a shirt (the actor also did a shirtless scene in Christopher McQuarrie, Rogue Nation’s director, in his last movie Jack Reacher, with a girlishly-giggling Rosamund Pike), but, darn it, he is fit! Read the rest of this page »

Movie Review: Shah by Kamran Jawaid

The post is the unedited copy of the review published in Mag the Weekly, August 28, 2015 (online link is put up a week after publication).


Stings Like A Bee — Well, ‘Almost’

By Mohammad Kamran Jawaid

Picture this: a young boy, homeless yet hardworking in Lyari, who calls out his name in broad-shouldered brogue (as others comment on how strong the name is), finds his calling for boxing after being beaten out of his hard-earned money.

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